The Hardest Fall Cover Reveal

March 26, 2018

I think I’m finally back. I’m saying ‘I think’ because I’m still having trouble believing it myself. It’s been such a long time. I’ve been through so many things since my last release, but I’m not going to spare another second to any of that. I have a new book coming out, I have a release date (April 18), I have a cover, I have a synopsis. And you know what, I even have a private Facebook group! If you’d like to join me so we can chat, and you can be the first to see everything related to my books, please come and join us, I’d love to see you there.

Okay, so back to the most important thing. Now that you’ve seen the cover, I think it’s time you read the synopsis too.


The first time you meet someone, you make eye contact. You smile, say hello. Should be simple, if you’re anyone but me. The first time I met Dylan Reed, I found myself making eye contact with a different part of his body. You see, I’m very good at being shy, not to mention extremely well-versed in rambling nonsense and, unfortunately, rather highly skilled at making a fool of myself in front of a guy I’m attracted to.

At the time, I knew nothing about him and thought none of what I said would matter since I’d never speak to him again. Turns out, I was very wrong. He was the star wide receiver of the football team, one of the few players expected to make it into the NFL, and I ended up seeing him all over campus.

I might have also propositioned him, run away from him, attacked him with a cooking utensil…and…uh, maybe I shouldn’t tell you all of it. It’s pretty normal stuff, things you’d expect…from me. Eventually, the time came when I couldn’t hide anymore—not that he’d have let me even if I tried.

Before now, he never knew I was secretly watching him. Now that we see each other every day, he knows when I have a hard time looking away. It doesn’t help that I’m not the most subtle person in the world either.

He smiles at me and tells me he finds me fascinating because of my quirks. I can’t even tell him that I think my heart beats differently whenever he’s around.

He thinks we’re going to be best friends. I think I have a big thing for him, and the more I get to know him, the more I don’t care that I’m not allowed to be his friend, let alone fall for him.

The thing is, that’s exactly what I’m doing—what we’re doing, I think.



Eeeep! What do you think? Do you like the synopsis? Are you excited to read a new book from me? Do you even remember me? I hope so. I can’t wait till you meet Dylan and Zoe on April 18.

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  1. Lea said:

    Yay, I cannot wait! I am so glad you are back! This new book looks like it will be a great read. Thank you for coming back!!!!

    1. ellamaise Post author said:

      Thank you so much, Lea! I’m so happy to be back 🙂 If you have the time to read it, I hope you’ll enjoy. I really, really love this story <3 And thank you for welcoming me back!!

  2. Elizabeth said:

    This should definitely be turned into a movie!!! Loved the book! Absolutely amazing!

    1. Ella Maise Post author said:

      Thank you so much Elizabeth!! I’so happy you loved them so! A movie would be amazing!

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