A Love Note from Jason To Olive

November 24, 2022

I’ll keep this part short since I know you’re here for some extra Jason and Olive content. But… eeeeppp! I love these two so much, and I know a ton of you feel the same way, so thank you from the bottom of my heart because your excitement is what keeps me going.

I hope this little note that I found from Jason to his Olive makes your day just a little bit brighter and a little bit happier. 

I love you,


A Love Note from your husband
I thought it would be smarter to leave you a note since it’s only 5am, and I barely let you get any sleep. I’ll be back home from Canada as soon as we wrap up the last scenes, I’m thinking maybe 2 days? I’m hoping you’ll miss my dimple, Olive.

I know I have a couple of things I need to apologize for, so I’ll get to that. I’m sorry for not getting you fries the other night. If I had known how you’d react trust me sweetheart, I’d have bought you ten of them. And I’m sorry for eating my own fries on my way home to you, I know I should’ve guessed that you’d want some of mine. I’m the most inconsiderate husband and I promise you I’ll work on it. I’m also sorry for making the mistake of laughing and hugging you tightly when I found you crying over the breakup of your characters from your new book. I know they love each other and at the end they’ll have their happily-ever-after, but I also know it bothered you that they broke up despite of that fact. Sometimes I act as if I don’t know how your mind works even though I’m familiar with every single little thing about you. In my defense the reason of my smile had nothing to do with your fictional characters but everything to do with the fact that how lucky I felt that you were mine in that moment. Without you realizing it has become one of my favorite memories of you: me coming home and finding you sitting on our couch secretly smiling to yourself or silently crying as you type away on your laptop. I always keep that visual with me wherever I go, because it helps me when I’m away from you—knowing that I’ll be coming home to you.

And before I leave because I’m gonna be late to my flight if I start thinking of my favorite memories of you—thank you my beautiful Olive for being mine. I don’t want to imagine where my life would’ve taken me if you hadn’t accepted me to be your husband. So, to that end, I promise to always come home with extra fries even when you tell me you’re not hungry and you don’t want anything. And I promise to always hug you and never to let go too early. I now know that that is one of the things you hate most—letting go when you’re not ready to let go. I will never do it, even when you need me to hold you in my arms for minutes.

I love you, baby. So much that sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself when I look at you. Please miss me as much as I’ll be missing you because every free moment I have in between shots I want to spend texting or talking to you.
By now you already know that you’re my best friend my beautiful wife and I wouldn’t want anyone else to take that spot. Don’t ever get rid of me because I’ll be hopelessly lost without you.

Your handsome and wonderful husband,
Jason Thorne

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