A Love Note From Adam Connor

April 28, 2017

It’s a little late for this…I know. Actually, it’s really late. Adam wrote this lil love note to Lucy on Valentine’s day, but life hasn’t been good to me for almost a year now, so I’m only now able to share this with you. (Although, you must have seen it if you are following my facebook page, so maybe I’m not that bad?)

I missed Adam and Lucy like crazy. Have you? Because the flutters I feel in my stomach when I read this…they’re real. And they are all for Adam.


          If you’re reading this note it means our boys have finally let go of you and fell asleep. Thank God. Who knew a new little human would be so demanding.

         My wife…before you come out and meet me underneath our wall, Happy Valentines Day. Are you truly happy, Lucy? Still? While I was falling for you, I made a promise to myself, a promise that I would do everything in my power to make you happy for the rest of our lives. I hope I’m keeping that promise. I hope your heart is healed now. I hope that smile I see on your face everytime your eyes meet mine is the proof of your happiness. I hope your beautiful eyes aren’t lying to me. And I hope they never will. Still…if it ever comes a time where you’re thinking I’m slacking off, I’m sure you’ll set me straight again because I know we could never let each other go.

         I’ve waited for you to be mine for so long, Lucy. Can you come out so I can kiss the love of my life before the boys wake up? And if you still want to call me a bad kisser after…you can still do that my beautiful wife, I won’t mind as long as you’re in my arms.

Your husband,
Adam Connor

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