To Love Jason Thorn is Live + Excerpt

December 7, 2015

Jason & Olive’s story have been live for almost 4 days now, and I can’t even tell you how happy I am with where they ended up. At this moment, when I’m writing this post, To Love Jason Thorn is sitting on #51 on Amazon! Yup #51

Needless to say, my heart is bursting with happiness. If you’ve read it, thank you. With all my heart.
If you haven’t read it yet, you are missing out. 🙂

This little scene you are about to read is a small excerpt where Jason and Olive comes face to face after 8 years.


“You’re a writer,” he commented, as if the thought had just occurred to him.
“Looks like it.”
He hit me with that dimple again. “Tonight I’ll be reading your words.”
Panicking, I said, “Oh, you really don’t have to. It’s not even that good. It’s my first book and these people are plain crazy.” His smile got bigger and bigger. “I might even be getting punked right now. I’m being serious, you wouldn’t even like it, Jason. And what kind of a movie star are you that you have enough time to read a book?”
There was sex in that book! Pounding. Fucking. Sucking. Orgasming.
Oh, dear god. There were words like cock and pussy!
He chuckled. “Now you’ve intrigued me even more. I’ll have to read it as soon as I get home. Plus”—he lifted a finger when I opened my mouth to object again—“I just said I’m in to the studio execs who are interested in turning your book into a feature film. I think I should know what I’m signing up for, don’t you think?”
“Why did you even say that if you have no idea what it’s about?”
“My agent dragged me here, saying it was a good choice for me. I’m guessing he knows about your book and I trust him.”
“Fine. You go do that. I have to go.” Taking a step to my right, I opened the door. “It was so good to see you. Goodbye now.”
His eyes lit up. “There’s the little Olive I know.”


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